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Sorry followers.  It’s been a difficult period in our lives.  I cannot describe my feelings for losing my mom.  I will always miss her.  I will always wish I asked her about…..  I will always miss her advice.  I will always miss the smile only a mother can give.  Many many things.   My dad is having a difficult time, which is understandable.  They were married 62 wonderful years.  I guess what I keep reminding myself is that she lived a great life.  My dad adored her, oh, how he adored her.  She had a good life.  The funeral viewing was a celebration of life.  The mass was angelic.  Angelic.  We had my brother’s choir sing during the mass.  They did a wonderful job.  I know my mom was watching over us.  I know my mom would have been happy with all the decisions we made.  I know my mom gave me so much strength these past few days.  I tell Tony that he now has an angel watching over him.  She cared about him so much.  Every day in hospital, she asked how he was doing.  Yes, Heaven has an angel watching over my husband.

Tony’s chemo round went really well last week.  His sister took him on Friday for his PMH day.  Yesterday, I took him to PMH and his numbers are good.  Hemoglobin was 92.  White blood count was good.  I began giving him the Neupogin injections on Sunday and yesterday, after two dosages, they said to stop because his numbers are good.  Not bad.  Still has an appetite.  His taste buds are normal.  Doesn’t have that “metal” mouth taste.  No nausea.  Lost another 8 lbs.  They did give him meds called IVIG.  It’s an Immune globulin.  No one could really explain exactly, but it is a blood bi-product.  Thank goodness I asked, because the doctor did not prescribe the pre-meds so he doesn’t react like last time.  This pre-med consisted of benedryl and Tylenol so he doesn’t get the shakes again.  Whew.
Next appointment is Thursday for another blood check.