The Last Week of Summer… and a rant

Back to school for The Girl next week.We have her brother and His Girl staying with us for a few more days before they go back to their University town for Year Two.The Boy has fond memories of bonfires at the treehouse, so the other night he pitched the tent and he and His Girl spent the night up at “the Rough Grazing”.Sausages were cooked. A guitar was played. They chilled out. By 5am they were so chilled by the rain that they came back to he house to thaw out!FL has asked me to say thank you, on his behalf, to everyone who has commented on the latest Health Update.”Thank You!”It hasn’t sunk in. He received the news with the same incredulity that my daughter greeted her Credit for Standard Grade maths! (Woo hoo!)He can’t accept that he can be improving if he still feels so exhausted all the time.