The Knit Goes On

Back again, with lots of knitting to show!
I finished another pair of simple socks, using the remains of my ball of Regia Colorations and some deep-stash Curious Yarns sock wool.  This is the skein that never ends.  It was the background colour for my Mad Budgie Socks, the feet of these – and still there is enough left for a Barn Raising Square.

Speaking of which.. when I completed these socks I needed an instant portable project and grabbed a leftover ball of Countess Ablaze “Nerds Prefer their Rainbows Darker” to make a square.

And when I finished that, I went straight back to the tub of scraps to start another – this time in a self-striping yarn from Online.
At this rate, I might eventually have enough squares to make a sock-yarn blanket!

But my sofa-knitting is something less portable.
I started a recreation of my favourite jumper from the 1980’s.
I am using the red Cascade Eco Plus leftover from The Boy’s birthday blanket.
I don’t know if I have enough red for the whole jumper.  If not, I think it would look cracking with marl grey sleeves.

It is knitting up really quickly.  A week in and I am more than halfway up the back.
I discovered that I could only get an accurate picture of the colour if I set it against the yellow daffodil – and why not!

In stash enhancement news…
There was a spot of emotionally-charged yarn buying this week.  Kemps are selling Regia sock yarn at a bargainous price.

Based on recent experience, I have enough here to knit 7 or 8 pairs of socks!

“But I don’t need more yarn!” squealed my Inner Voice.
So I surveyed my Ravelry stash and slid a few items over to my “trade” page.
Result?  I am in profit!
I now have more balls of yarn in my stash than before, but my cash in was greater than my cash out.  And let’s face it – workhorse sock yarn is of far more use to me than silk-based laceweight!