The Joy of a Myeloma Buddy

As Paula is laid to rest today, the myeloma community mourns the loss of someone we still can’t believe is gone. Her blog posts, filled with wit and humor in the hardest of times, are sorely missed. Our prayers continue for her husband, Bernard, in the days ahead. His loss is great. In the meantime, those of us who were blessed by receiving one of her Myeloma Buddies will cling tight, and remember her for the immense joy and love she brought to so many.

Below is an excerpt from a speech given at her funeral today by her friend Mike. It so aptly sums up the impact her Buddies will always have, all around the world. We love you Paula.

Maybe Paula’s greatest legacy though, will be the legions of Myeloma Buddies that she knitted and sent across the globe. From Ann-Arbour in Michigan down to Bogota in Columbia, across from North Carolina on the east coast of the US to California on the west, in Italy, Germany and even across to New Zealand, Paula’s buddies, blankets and special hand-made gifts mean that she will always be remembered.