The human plumbing system

Another long day.  Minimal rest for Tony.
They did another ultra sound and they sent him to another hospital for his MRI via ambulance.  Nice young boys took him for a short drive to Humber River Finch.  Either they are graduating young or we are getting old!!!!!!
MRI showed nothing interfering the bladder function from the spine.
However, the ultra sound did show something.
I’d like to quote the doctor.  “I’m sure your wife has used this phrase with you many times, so I’ll just come out and say it.  You’re full of shit!”  So, this evening we dealt with the human plumbing system!  Enough said about this topic.  There’s only so much I can repeat, so let’s just leave it at that.
One thing though, I must say, one needs to remember to follow up on everything.  Everyone should be on top of things as a patient.  When the doctor came in to discuss his situation and give the MRI results, we had to ask about the results for the ultra sound.  He left the room to check it and came back with his bowels being full…..Scary how if we didn’t ask, would we have gotten an answer…..scary.  We really need to stay on top of things and ask questions and be informed with what’s going on and what options and possibilities are out there.  We have so many doctors but I wonder if that’s a good thing?  Kind of makes you go “hummmmm”.
Anyways, I do like this doctor.  He also recommended a kidney specialist.  His kidney function continues to worsen.  (not kidney failure stage yet)  The specialist came in and basically said she suspects kidneys are damaged from a reaction to the die they used for the CT scan.  He’s had it before.  Although it’s been said to not use the die with Multiple Myeloma patients.  They even gave him a red wrist band that says allergy.  I’m pretty sure it was okayed to use last week.  But she thinks he had reaction.  Not allergic, but damaged.  She also says there’s a blockage and whether it’s the lymph nodes or “full” bowels, time will tell.  Chemo will shrink the lymph nodes and an enema will empty the bowels.  She feels that this kidney problem is not related to the myeloma (good news) and that he will recover.  In the meantime, she feels that it’s a good idea for a nephrostomy prior to chemo.  Which is a bypass of the kidneys.  Which means they will puncture both kidneys and Tony will have a bag for filtering or emptying….can’t remember.  Way too much to learn for today!
This will be done on Sunday as well as the pick line on the arm for chemo treatment.  The doctor suspects that there will be another delay in chemo treatment till this human plumbing system gets better…..He was saying perhaps Thursday…..But, we shall see Tuesday morning when they are all back from the long weekend.  In the meantime, we’ve been told that they will be checking in on Tony’s progress via the computer and emails and to rest assured that a qualified doctor will be noting his progress during the weekend.  I’m glad he’s staying at the hospital.  He really needs to be monitored.
Oh, before I left him at the hospital, he did pass urine on his own.  Already a good sign!
Off to bed I go……very tired.