The Great American Family Reunion Cookbook: Activities, Recipes, and Stories from All 50 States

Hi, gang…  I LOVE cookbooks.  I cook often BY CHOICE.  I love to try new recipes.

Familius Publishing recently sent me this.  It’s great!

It’s packed with recipes and fun ideas for your family reunion.  You’ll find appetizers, dips, sauces, breads, breakfasts, brunches, main dishes, side dishes, burgers, soups, stews, salads, sandwiches, snacks, and desserts.

They also suggest “Themed Reunion Menus” which are a lot of fun.

With more than 150 recipes from across America, The Great American Family Reunion Cookbook provides a culinary, coast-to-coast adventure and helps families of every background and every size provide the most important element of any reunion—the food. Author Lori Nawyn spent over a year interviewing residents from each state, exploring their stories and their food to identify what was the quintessential recipe for that perfect family gathering. Whether from the Louisiana Bayou to the Black Hills of South Dakota or from the rugged landscape of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado to the beautiful farmland of New England, the recipes capture the essence of what it means to renew family love and relationship. Nawyn has also coupled the recipe collection with practical advice and creative activities to help organize and host an unforgettable family reunion.

This is a big 256-page cookbook that I’ll be using often!

Get your copy here:

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