The Grand Canyon

I think my family thought seeing the Grand Canyon was on my bucket list.  I don’t really have a bucket list; I do have an unfinished projects list.  Diane and I, Grandma and Judy met our younger son, Robin and wife Aubrie in Las Vegas.  That place is a smoker’s paradise!  You don’t even have to light up to enjoy a cigarette.  We rented a van and drove to the south rim.  Robin and Aubrie’s friends, Kampie, and Philipp joined us there.  The canyon was awesome.  “Grand” is quite an understatement.  It was a beautiful sight, and a real bonus there was the night sky.  I’m glad we got to do that.

The Grand Canyon at night (more pictures on the link)

Over several weeks, I had been noticing my kidneys.  I’m not usually aware of my kidneys, but I was experiencing an increasing awareness to the point one day of borderline discomfort.  I called my oncologist.  She said to bring in a urine sample.  I did and it turned out to be nothing.  Maybe it was psychosomatic because I know this cancer can affect your kidneys.  I should have stuck with “plan A,” wait the weekend and see how I feel.  I did ask the doc if we could increase my lifting limit at work, its ten pounds.  If we doubled it, I would appear to be making progress.  She said ask the neurologist, he said come and see me.  At least the ball is rolling.