The girls are alright

So, after over a month of this mammogram stuff hanging over my head, today was the big day. I am
happy to say my boobs are fine. Thanks be to God! Due to hurricane Sandy, my appt. for 10/30 was cancelled. Today at 9 am was the new appt. What a hard morning. It took over 3 1/2 hours of testing
and waiting and worrying. Women all around in gowns feeling vulnerable and scared, saw one woman wiping tears away. As soon as I sat down in the waiting room of gowned women, a commercial comes on the TV about breast cancer and not finding it in time. I said, “great, we all need
to hear this right now.” One woman replied, “what timing.” There was a woman around my age there
finding out if she was having a breast cancer recurrance. A woman she knew came in and told her that she was dx’ed with it too. I looked around and thought, this is crazy, God gives us these things to feed our kids and we’re being poisoned by them. Someone told me recently the odds of getting breast cancer are now like 1 in 7. Just nuts. Is it the deoderants? It has to be something we’re doing. And why is is worse in developed countries?  I have tried, and will renew my efforts, to use aluminum free deoderant, but I can tell ya, it’s not easy. Haven’t found one yet that really works. Seems like you can have healthy underarms, or friends, but not both. Who wants to go around stinking all the time?
So, that is the update. I feel blessed, grateful, and proud of how I handled it. Sure I was nervous,
but as Phil B. says, I went in and dominated today.
Happy Thanksgiving to y’all. I have a lot of things to be thankful for, and the result of this day is certainly one of them.