the flu bug

I was down with flu since last Thursday and I am now on the road to recovery. This time the primary bugbear was a racking cough and a low grade fever, that went up to 38C but mostly averaging 37.5C
How did I handle the flu? With the first sign of unwellness, I started on a 5-day course of tamiflu and I am quite certain that because I started it almost on the first day of the flu, I did not feel the full impact of the flu i.e. not as sickly and bed-bound. Whereas the previous occasion of flu in April, I started on tamiflu much later and the flu took took a longer time to resolve. My doctor’s view is to quickly take control and not allow any flu or infection to prolong and risk complications.
And yes, I did get the flu vaccine last Nov but it does not guarantee no flu but maybe reduce the severity… I think. Anyway some form of protection via vaccine is important for MM-ers because of our low immunity.
With cough, after a few days it almost always turn into a bacterial infection in the throat and for this is, I started with a short course of azithromycin. I am not coughing today so I think the treatment so far is working well. Coughing can be very tiring and exhausting to the chest and of course affected my sleep. Thus I am very glad it has stopped and I can rest and recover.

It is important to know what to do and when, so that my unwellness can be minimized. All of these done under the “auspice” of my doc, who was away but contactable by phone! That is how personal our doc-patient relationship is!
Thank GOD for doctors, for medicines, for prayers