The First Week in Full Glowing Technicolor

Highland Handmades Sugar Maple Sock wool in “Fruju”

The first week back to work is always such a struggle:  that period of adjustment when I realise once again, “Oh that’s what I do for a living!”
I promised myself that if when I got through it, I would treat myself to a new project…
but that really I ought to try to finish a current work-in-progress first.

Infuscate Curl – before blocking

So it was lovely to cast off my first Curl on Friday night, rounding off the week nicely.
Infuscate is now blocking.  You never know, I might get some pictures before the light fades today.
So what did I cast on?
Why, another Curl of course!

This is Caesious.
This project is a tribute to SillyFru of the SassyPantsKnitter podcast :)
The yarn is the Fruju colourway from Highland Handmades, in the Sugar Maple Sock base.
The project bag is from Absolute Wonder.
Both were sold to help SillyFru with her medical bills after she was diagnosed with a rare form of Leukemia.  Because Wendy (Fru) is a government worker on fixed term contracts (providing psychological support to US Marines) there was a gap in her medical insurance cover at the critical period.
The Knitters rallied.  I made 4 squares towards an insanely bright blanket which she received just before Christmas.
I am delighted to report that Wendy came through it all with characteristic humour and colourful language ;)
What better way to kick start the year than with In Yer Face Colour?
There is a knitalong for Caesious in the Violently Domestic Knitters group on Ravelry if you are interested.  It is a really fun pattern – perfect for a mad variegated yarn!

Regia Colorations 3311

Meanwhile… I have been knitting a few rows of Christmas Eve sock each lunchtime.
This is my first ever absolutely plain vanilla sock.
With a strong wind behind me I should finish the pair this week.

The other thing I am likely to finish soon is “Euphoria” by Lily King, pictured at the top of this post.
This novel is based on the true story of Margaret Mead, the eminent anthropologist, and the meeting of her former and latter husbands while all 3 are working in New Guinea.
I came across Gregory Bateson’s work at university.  He was Husband Number 2.
There is an interview with Lily King on YouTube, introducing the novel and how she approached the intersection of fact and fiction.
Fascinating stuff.

I also have a new audio-book on the go in the car:  The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters, narrated by Juliet Stevenson.
I am delighted by this.  It has the atmosphere of a Persephone novel.  Is that too sweeping a statement?  That Britain-between-the-wars mixture of melancholy, anxiety and impending excitement as social mores shifted and changed.  The characters are brought to life beautifully by JS, and I have been entertaining FL with my Peckham-esque parroting of some of the lines.
There is something of Virginia Woolf in the writing style.  Some perfect descriptions, capturing those elusive yet tangible moments when a relationship changes and becomes something else.
The dialogue is brilliant.
I wish I could remember the exact words (and I can’t look it up without access to the print book), but she refers to the perils of a single woman making friends with a married woman. The husband comes as part of the package, like buying a magazine and discovering it comes with a free crochet pattern…!
It was funnier the way Sarah Waters tells it :)