The Fan Man

This morning we saw his regular oncologist who was back from vacation.  Looks like the plan is to heal this pneumonia first before moving forward.  Also, his legs and feet are really swollen.  Can’t fit into his slippers.  One doctor prescribed another type of medication to remove fluid from skin.  I hope it works.  It will be administered all night long tonight.

Also, word is that one cycle of chemo is done every 4-5 weeks.  He will most likely have to wait until that 4th week to begin his chemo cycle from Day 1 again.  I’m hoping that they can do it on week 3 as he did not receive the full dosage the first time.  They say his bone marrow needs healing time before the next cycle.  Time will tell.  They will assess closer to the time.  They will discuss further with PMH on their thoughts.

Back to this morning, if you recall, that nurse who yanked his nephrostomy on that Friday night…..well we were hoping that this morning they would “repair” it.  Poor Tony has been laying down in a bed with kidney fluids leaking on him….not nice.  Everyone said it was ok, so we go with the flow.   Three doctors later and reminding the nurses where the heck the team in radiology was to repair this thing, it finally came to an end. Can’t fix it.  Have to redo it…..YIKES!  So at 3pm today down he went to radiology.  Now he’s been sweating from the shoulders up for months now.  For his hospital stay, a family member bought a bright yellow battery operated fan.  It goes with him everywhere.  Sits on his belly and blows in his face.  Cools him down.  When we got to the department (and you see the same staff members over and over) they said “hey! it’s the fan man!”  Too funny!
They had to insert a thicker tube than the existing one.  YIKES!  Remember people, he’s awake for this procedure, laying on his huge belly totally uncomfortable!  Thank goodness I had friends there to defer the tension during this procedure.  (45 minutes) As he came out and saw us, he said it was the worst, most painful thing he’s had to go through since this entire journey.  Even tonight he said that one kidney was bothering him.  Apparently, kidneys are very sensitive.
He ate his dinner at the edge of the bed sitting up.  It is encouraged that any fluids or food be taken in an upright position.
Tomorrow they are doing a broncho something.  Can’t remember.  9am  They go into his throat, down to the lungs and take a sample.  It will tell them what type of infection he has.  Making sure they are giving him the right antibiotics to make him well fast!
Feeling those positive vibes from everyone today!
Thank you!
Nite everyone.