The Easter bunny needs snowshoes

Well, my idea for this spring break was Washington DC. Unfortunately, my husband decided we
are going to my sister’s VT house so he can sand and re-finish her wood floors. RATS. Weather forecast in DC, 60’s and 70’s, possibly near 80 for a day or two. Craftsbury, Vermont forecast, 40’s all week,
dropping down to below freezing at night. We may hit snow driving up tomorrow and there is talk of
snow showers while we’re up there too. OY!!!!!!! Well, we just have to make the best of it. Liv isn’t
going to get much softball pitching practice in, that’s for sure. Too cold and you can’t pitch in a winter
jacket. She just got her braces on yesterday. She is going to milk this eating ice cream to sooth her
sore mouth for 2 years, I’m sure. We come home Good Friday and then I have a house full of people coming for Easter dinner. Hopefully, it’s not all work and no play this week. Tim is exhausted from
working so hard and really needs some decompressing. Sure wish we could hit this 600+ million bucks tonight. Would be so nice to drop out of the rat race and live our life to the fullest everyday. There are so many people I would like to help out. It stinks when you spend so much of your life making a living and your free time is so rare. There’s got to be a better way.