The Drugs and What to Expect

One of the recurring themes in my posts is getting caught by surprise when something expected doesn’t go the way you expected!  Specifically, the drugs you’re given and your reactions to them.  I created a page on my site called The Drugs and What to Expect that’s outlined my experiences.  I’m hoping that people just getting into this mess find it useful but I’m also looking for feedback for those that have had other effects.  Being I’m using an “off the shelf” blog template I may not be able to do this effectively but at least I can gauge response and determine if I need to do something differently then.

I’ve not gotten everything in yet but I’ve tried to capture as much as possible and will continue to fill in when able.  Please provide feedback (and in the case of Beth, pictures!) where possible.    Hopefully this will prove helpful to others as well.  Please also indicate dosages as that may be of relevance (dependent upon age, current bloodwork status, etc.)

I’ll leave everyone on a quick tip to combat the C word!  Flaxseed Oil, 10o0mg (or is it mcg)!  It’s been the solution!!!  I am also taking “SennaCot” or similar name, which is a mix of Senna and Colace (50mg).  Two of those as night and the Flaxseed Oil during the day and aside from two days this week I’ve been business as usual! :)

On that note….