The Double Rainbow

Every morning before I set off for the hospice, I take the dog across the fields for a blast of fresh air.
Today we set out on the cusp of an incoming storm.  As I left the house the sun was shining brightly, but by the time we reached the public road, ominous clouds were gathering and the wind was getting up.
As a severe weather warning was in place for the area, I did a quick turnaround and persuaded the dog that it was time to head home, however delicious the haybales were smelling.
We had just reached the garage at the back of the house when the rain hit.
Hero decided to take cover behind FL’s parked car, wrapping his lead around the wheel arch in the process.  I was forced to turn back to free him… and as I straightened up saw the most amazing rainbow across the valley.
Thank you, Hero – I would have missed it if you had not become tangled!

I sat with FL from 10am to 4pm, as usual.
He opened his eyes more often than yesterday.
It would have been easy to believe he was getting better.
I am sure he enjoyed my weather report.
Every so often, he stretched an arm over his head, as if he was about to yawn and then leap out of bed to cook himself an enormous breakfast.
But that is not going to happen.

The nurses asked me to come to the quiet room with them, so they could explain the arrangements for when the end comes.
It is my role to make the call to the University to carry out his bequest to the Anatomy Department. It is something he feels very strongly about, so I must make sure it all goes smoothly.
A teacher by profession, he is determined to serve an educational purpose to the end… and indeed beyond.

Thank you for continuing to share this time with us.  It helps a lot to feel we are not alone in this.