The Day after Christmas

Where have the days gone?
Working til noon on Christmas Eve meant that the holidays sneaked up on me and I wasn’t really ready.
My second attempt at card-making had to be adjusted to read “Happy New Year” as it was far too late to pretend I had made them in time for Christmas!

We are having a very quiet time of it, FL and I.  There has been knitting and reading and a black and white film on tv.  I cooked something from the freezer with herbs from the garden and a whole heap of vegetables.

But really it was today before I started to relax and feel like this is a good time in our lives.
We had a walk in the woods this morning.

And I did some gentle organising and thinking and list-making.
The log fire is keeping us warm and we have new slippers cossetting our toes – I bought a pair for each of us, but FL says mine are “a fashion statement” – I think he may be jealous! 

 I hope you are having a lovely peaceful break – I know we are :)