The darkest days seem to have gone

I might say that these last weeks have been the darkest days day of my life. The daily and nightly pains that look endless while painkillers hardly seemed to help, demand the utter of a normal human being. Last Thursday I had a pain-block. Thinking this would do the trick I went home in a optimistic mood. The disappointment was great when it became obvious that this could take a few days before any improvement would appear. Today I was in contact again and next week I have a new appointment. They will try a different block in another nerve. Now that the shingles seem to have cured, my energy-level is increasing. That makes everything easier to bear. 24 hour pain and feeling weak is always worse than 24 hour pain and a little more energy.

Yesterday I drove to Amsterdam again for my checkup. Els accompanied me, which made this happen. She is my backup as always. My hematologist had good news. The chemos, the good old cyclofosfamide worked wonders. My m-proteins are not measurable. This is a cheerful graph in painful times. I really hope this pain will disappear, then there will be more reasons to be cheerful.