The folks at THE COCOA EXCHANGE were kind enough to ship us an assortment of their fine products.

The timing was perfect, as our daughter who lives in Colorado was in town for a visit.

These knocked us out!  Honestly, I’m not a mustard eater, but this Stone Ground Mustard was out of this world.  We had it with cheese and crackers.

Also baked some chicken thighs.  Dom’s favorite was the Korean BBQ Sauce.  Mine was the Blackberry Chipotle Sauce.

Who knew that cocoa was so good to cook with?

We just broke open the Hot Sauce.  YUMMY!  We’re going to start buying this stuff!

This brand combines THE COCOA EXCHANGE™’s chocolate expertise with the culinary skill of its professional chefs to create one-of-a-kind gourmet food. Explore POD & BEAN™ and find out why the versatile richness of cocoa deserves a permanent place at any dinner table.

Dips, Spreads and DressingsInfused with cocoa and chocolate, POD & BEAN™ dips, spreads, and dressings add a satisfying layer of taste and complexity to a variety of staples, like crackers and veggies, plus, they dress up simple salads and meats. POD & BEAN™ turns the ordinary into extraordinary!

Hot Sauce:
Want to know why chocolate is such a good partner for hot sauce? It balances out the heat to deliver more flavor. Oh yes it does! POD & BEAN™ Gourmet Hot Sauces features traditional hot sauce recipes infused with both dark chocolate and white chocolate for a more enhanced experience. Give it a go!

Seasoning Blends:
Looking for an international taste explosion? In just one bite? Sure thing! Travel around the world with POD & BEAN™’s regionally-inspired blends. Each blend features traditional flavor profiles, intensified by the richness of cocoa. No GPS needed.

BBQ Sauces:
From good old Carolina BBQ traditions to trendy Korean flavors, POD & BEAN™ delivers a spectacular taste sensation for any BBQ-inspired meal – engaging all the senses. Sweet, smoky, tangy, it’s all here, and ready to be explored.Meal Starters and SaucesThere’s nothing more comforting than knowing you’ve got a friend in the kitchen. POD & BEAN™

Meal Starters and Sauces:
are like a treasured helping hand, adding depth of flavor through authentic, convenient and on-trend recipes. So good. So easy!

Coffee and Tea:
Nutty, earthy cocoa perfectly complements warm beverages like tea and coffee. POD & BEAN™ special roast their cocoa powder to add another layer of flavor to each unique beverage. Plus, they use real cocoa, not just chocolate flavor.

Product Sets:
Sometimes it’s easiest to have the curation done for you. POD & BEAN™ has developed a series of sets that make it easy to test and learn. From a Sides and Salads Set to a Taco Tuesday Set to Backyard BBQ and a Flavor Fusion Set, POD & BEAN™ takes out the guesswork and provides all the flavor an at-home chef needs for entertaining family and friends