The Clinic

I’ve been watching Grey’s Anatomy on DVD while using the treadmill. If you’ve never seen Grey’s Anatomy, it’s a medical drama about a bunch of impossibly attractive surgeons who work at a hospital in Seattle and have dramatic affairs with each other. In between dramatic affairs, they are constantly victimized by dramatic, dangerous events, such as dramatic bus crashes, dramatic ambulance crashes, dramatic plane crashes, dramatic bomb scares, and dramatic mass shootings, just to name a few.

Then they have emotional problems brought on by the traumatic events, which causes them to have even more dramatic affairs.

It’s like ER, only super trashy and extra traumatizing. I enjoy it.

I just started watching season nine, in which one of the doctors, recently traumatized by a dramatic plane crash and fleeing her estranged husband who recently had an affair, gets a job at “The Clinic” in Rochester, Minnesota. Apparently, legal reasons keep them from coming out and calling it “The Mayo Clinic”. They do show some exterior shots of the real Rochester, but everything that has to do with the actual clinic — while it does look very similar —  is fake. I found a photo of the Grey’s Anatomy version of “The Clinic”. Note the sign above the door:

I’m only a few episodes in, but I don’t think this doctor is going to last long at “The Clinic”. All of the doctors there are portrayed as old and lame and too polite to create much drama. They say things like, “You need some R and R. Why don’t you go to The Mall of America and ride the roller coaster?”

They actually showed a patient receiving a tater tot hot dish from his family, and they used the words “tater tot hot dish” repeatedly, so that we’d all know the show’s writers had done a lot of research on Minnesota.

Granted, one of “The Clinic” doctors did collapse and die of a heart attack right in the middle of a surgery (because he was so old, and perhaps had been eating tater tots), but it’s not like he had a bomb strapped to his chest and exploded the entire OR. Back in Seattle, the entire OR would have exploded, and the survivors would have had affairs right there in the rubble.

Apparently, Grey’s Anatomy is trying to tell us that the doctors at Mayo are calm, polite, reasonable enjoyers of tater tots who die quietly and are unlikely to be involved in dramatic bomb scares and/or affairs. This is exactly why I trust “The Clinic” with my medical care.