The caregiver

The caregiver: that’s me, the wife.
I went to my family doctor Tuesday afternoon.  I’m truly exhausted.  We are starting week 4 of hospitals.  I cannot believe how fast time is going by.  I basically wake up, head down to hospital and then come home and go straight to bed!  Seriously.
My family doctor is not concerned with my blood pressure right now.  It is still within the high normal range. Her concern would have been if it was this high for many years, then it would have been an issue.  She acknowledged that I am going through a normal stressful period and that it’s temporary.  However, she was quick to prescribe anti-depressants to take the edge off my stress…….Um, nope.  Not going there!  She did say that her offer would always be there for that prescription, if I changed my mind.  I’M NOT DEPRESSED!  Yes, I have a full plate, but not depressed.  So, I obviously declined.  In the meantime she said that weight loss (which I’ve had lots these past 3 weeks) and exercise reduces high blood pressure.  So, that night, on my way home I went to my brother’s house and with his wife, the three of us went for a walk.   It was great releasing that tension in my chest and I must say, my heart wasn’t racing like I thought it would.  Doctor recommended, that during the day, when Tony sleeps to just go outside and get some fresh air and walk around the block.  Great advice!  I’m going that route for now.  In the meantime, my blood pressure has gone down!!!  Horray!

Tony’s brochoscopy (not sure of spelling)  That’s a lung scope.
Kind of like an endoscopy.  The porters were one hour late getting him to the prep room.  Everyone, doctors, nurses, secretary,  kept putting stat on this delivery.  Too funny.  Off we went with the fan man.  They numbed his throat and did the procedure.  Doctor came out to talk to me and in his opinion, lungs looked normal.  Nothing really jumped out at him to say there might be a problem.  Good news.  The sample they took takes 48 hours to come back.  (that’s today) Instructions were no food or drinks till 1:30pm.  Poor Tony was starving!  Like a baby, kept begging me for an ice cube or water or anything!  Too funny.  By 1:15 I gave in.  My brother brought him sausage links and bacon and hash browns to eat for breakfast at 7:30am, which he couldn’t eat.  Poor Tony.  So I warmed it up and then he barely ate.  (After all that begging)
His day on Tuesday wasn’t the greatest.  His breathing was difficult. Needed his oxygen mask too often, in my opinion. He was exhausted.  No energy.  Coughing up phlegm and blood.  Nurses said the Blood was from the procedure.  He did have a much better sleep on Tuesday night.

As soon as I stepped out of the elevator, the nurse practitioner swarmed me to say how great Tony looked and how great he was doing.  They all care for Tony on this floor.  All the nurses know me as I’m always there. Great support. Great staff. (except the one who yanked his nephrostomy out)
When I walked in the room, it was clear to me what she meant.  He looked like my Tony that I know and love.  Yesterday, was a good day……

“I’m thinking he can go home this Friday” seems to be the quote of the day.  By nurses and doctors.  We shall see how his day is today……
Have a great one everybody!