The Cancer Fighting Cook

The publisher just sent me this beauty, knowing that you guys would find this of particular interest.  Personally, I’ll be using this.  A LOT! 

The Cancer-Fighting Cook cookbook features a variety of recipes and heartwarming stories from chefs around the world. Each flavorful recipe includes a specific cancer-fighting ingredient to help provide patients with the necessary nutrition they need before, during, and after treatment.

As a cancer survivor himself, Richard Lombardi has created this cookbook to help patients and caregivers prepare nutrient-rich recipes that combat the symptoms caused by treatment and enhance the recovery process.

Each delicious recipe includes a specific cancer-fighting ingredient and provides nutritional information. We’ve also included helpful hints, kitchen basics, and a removable list of beneficial ingredients for quick reference.

All recipes included in this cookbook come from Richard’s own collection and professional chefs from around the world. They have shared these recipes and stories in hopes of providing savory meals that truly help the healing process and to encourage patients throughout their cancer journey.

The spiral bound, lay-flat book is packed with:

-Helpful shortcuts

-Kitchen basics

-A removable quick-reference list

-A 75-page pad of printed cancer-fighter grocery lists

-10 kid-friendly recipes that the whole family can enjoy

-Recipes from professional chefs and celebrities that have joined the fight against cancer including Jay Leno and Mark DeCarlo.

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