The boy who cried wolf?

We all know the story about the boy who cried wolf. How eventually all the villagers no longer believed the little boy. Well that is how most people seem to be approaching Mike’s demise, he can’t possibly be telling the truth, he’s just attention seeking, isn’t he? 

I had imagined that family and friends would want to spend precious time with him during his last few months, but it seems they either don’t believe he has so little time left or they are simply too afraid because of their own emotions. My inner voice is screaming “don’t come crying to me when it is too late.” 

Just in case anyone doubts what I have been saying, yesterday Mike had to go down to the workshop to help them with some advice on an old Austin Mini they are working on. The lads are all too young to have been trained on how to work on them, and Mike has all the knowledge from years of doing so. While he was sitting there another customer came over and started talking to him. He looked at Mike and his swollen ankles and told him his heart is failing. The other customer is a paramedic and after a conversation about Mike’s health the paramedic said he reckons it will be less than a month before he goes pop. 

We’re not making it up, Mike certainly isn’t crying wolf.