The Blessing of Friendships that Stand the Test of Time

EZ and I first met Shelley and Butch when we both lived in Florida, attended the same church, and our husbands worked for IBM. Eventually we were both transferred to Raleigh and once again became members of the same church, and picked up where we left off. Our lives have been intertwined through the years in many different ways, from bible studies, to weddings, to work, to kids at ASU, to funerals for parents, to the births of grandchildren, and even cancer survivorship. We love and appreciate their friendship so very much and are thrilled that not only do we both live in the Raleigh area, but we also both have places in Boone and are now retired! Seems like we were rarely ever here at the same time until this week, so we made the most of it and got together multiple times to walk our dogs and share a meal.