The Big Reveal

Starting with our hot outfits.


On arrival we were presented with our V.I.P. purple wristbands and escorted to the Green Room, where we sipped wine and shared nibbles with a few other almost as important people.

We then went to see the filming of ……The Johnathon Ross show which was amazing,

Russell Brand was definitely the best guest on and the music by PULP and especially listening to Jarvis just topped it off. He was absolutely brilliant!

Make sure you catch the show this Saturday night and look out for us in the audience.

Afterwards we got up close and shared some body fluids (sweat only I’m afraid) with both Russell and Jarvis.


We can’t kiss and tell too much, but as I promised Colin, no tongues were involved!


The best news is that Jarvis willingly accepted the invite to my party.


So it really will be the hottest festival in Hinxworth!

So we are on our way home now pretty weary from all the excitement of the day, so more news will have to wait until tomorrow.

Sleep well dear readers.