the Behemoth and the Leviathan

Recently, I completed the study of JOB (with a group of ladies) and I was quite fascinated and enthralled by the last few chapters. As I read and thought on it. I could not help but associate it with myeloma.

There are such creatures created by GOD that terrify and tyrannize. The Behemoth is a creature of immense strength and power in his belly, with tail that sways like cedar and bones like tubes of bronze. He feeds on grass, living among the lotuses and his shadow concealed by reeds in the marsh, with wild animals playing nearby. This seemingly quiet and docile creature is unperturbed by the raging river and secure though Jordan surges at him.

The fearsome Leviathan with such hide that harpoons cannot spear, any hope of subduing him is futile and the sight of him is overpowering.  What is this creature? His back has rows of shields, his formidable teeth ringed the mouth, his breath are like snorting flashes and sparks of fire, and his eyes like rays of (red) dawn. His chest is hard as rock, such that iron he treats as straw and bronze like rotten wood. His undersides are jagged potsherds and when he rises, others retreats; he threshes about and churns the sea like a boiling cauldron.  Nothing on earth is his equal and he is a creature without fear. What is this terrible creature? He is dangerous and treacherous.
What purpose does these creatures serve, the Behemoth and the Leviathan, except to terrify and to destroy? Why did GOD even create them? Yes, GOD is their Maker. He can approach them with his sword … He gives them life, He can take away from them. “Everything under heaven belongs to me” Job 41:11
Are there behemoths and leviathans in our lives – terrifying and fearful situations? These two creatures pointed out GOD’s challenge to Job – to recognize and remember GOD’s omnipotence, He is the Maker and He is in control. The behemoths and the leviathans represent threats in our lives that appear unstoppable, unbeatable and unassailable. Indeed our defenses are weak and worthless. But nothing is beyond GOD. He is able to tame, subdue and work out everything for our good (Rom 8:28). While He allows behemoths and leviathans in our lives, He exercises control and there is a limit as to what they can do. Book of Job tells us that everything – suffering, pain, sickness, injustice and including evil – is part of GOD’s total picture.
God’s favor and blessings does not guarantee a trouble-free or pain-free life. Sufferings and pain can bring about a special closeness to our Maker; it can bring about a quantum leap in our spiritual awakening and understanding. Our part is to receive the gift of faith and to continue to trust Him. To believe, even when and especially when we do not see and understand.