The Beginning of the End.

Based on the latest blood tests, it appears that Dad’s multiple myeloma has progressed through the stem cell transplant. We knew going into the stem cell transplant that his disease was so high risk that the stem cell may not work.  Unfortunately, it appears that that is the case.

On Monday we were told that his calcium was rising at such an alarming pace that if we did nothing at all, he would slip into a coma from it within three to five days time.

We were given the option to extend his life with another round of VDT PACE, which would give Dad another very painful 30 days and the chances of that working were close to none. We opted not to do that.

Instead, we chose to allow Dad to pass peacefully here at home instead of in the hospital. Dad asked for the doctors to help clear the calcium a bit and we have him on steroids for the next two days so that he will have time to say good bye to his family and friends.

Hospice is coming by in the morning and we will get all set up with that. He has a bit of time left and we are making the best of it! His functions will start to diminish quickly and it will be advised that any one who wants to say goodbye should do it sooner rather than later.

I will be glued to my phone (and Mom’s, so don’t be surprised if I answer!) so feel free to shoot me a call or a message.

We are beginning to collect photos for a slideshow so please feel free to dig up some of your old photos. You can email them to

Dad has fought a courageous battle against this horrible disease and Mom and I could not be prouder. There will be a terrible hole in our hearts when he leaves us.  Everyone has been so kind to us during this very trying time in our journey through life and we appreciate it so much. Your prayers, thoughts and visits have made it possible for us to feel as though we are closing this chapter with a party surrounded by many people who love us instead of a struggle. :)

Thank you so much and I will do my best to update with more information as time progresses.

Lots of Love,

*Also, it’s looking like we are going to be having a very full house over the next week. Mom is stressing about the sleeping arrangements so if anyone is interested in letting us borrow some mattresses, it would make Mom very happy.