The Bag Lady Strikes Again

You might assume I have not been sewing. Well, I have not been sewing anything wearable, but last weekend I made three little box bags, as gifts.
It was only when I had everything set up to sew that I realised I didn’t have any heavyweight interfacing in the stash. Tsk!
However, the original instructions suggest using denim to line these, for added structure, and it just so happened that I had some remnants in the stash – hooray!

I made three bags. One has the denim on the outside because my main fabric had a white background, and I feared for its practicality. The print is of cats and fish on music staves :)
The typewriter-print version is a bit bigger than the other two because my zip was longer. It would easily hold a 4-ply cardigan-in-progress if gifted to a knitter. I trimmed the inside seams with orange polka dot bias binding for a neat finish. I plan to add a home-made stitchmarker to the zip-pull on each.
Every time I make a batch of these I entertain delusions about selling them on Etsy. But I know I would have to find a source of well-priced quirky cotton to make it in any way worthwhile as a business venture. As a customer, I want something really special for my £10 to £15, not just someone’s denim leftovers!
Does that make sense? I know what I mean!