The ants go marching one by one, hurrah.

The wildlife siege on the House of Pain continues. This time, we have a vast ant colony in our mailbox. It seemed to spring up overnight. Yesterday, WCK and I took the hose and sprayed all of the ants out of the mailbox. I actually felt kind of bad as they washed away in what must have seemed to them a Biblical flood. Still. Build your house in a hole in the ground like normal ants, ants! Our mailbox is entirely inappropriate for your colony.

Today, less than 24 hours later, I opened the mailbox to find the colony had again rebuilt itself overnight, bigger and stronger than before. All 10,000 ants turned to look at me and then flipped me the bird.
Jay suggested we use some poison. It makes me feel a little evil, but, yeah, it needs to be done.

Poison will put them to sleep. Sleeeeeeep. Now they’ll sleeeeep.

Shortly after this conversation, we were leaving to go somewhere and WCK yelled to me from the driveway, “MOM, DID YOU PUT THE POISON IN THE MAILBOX YET??”

I bet we get zero trick-or-treaters this year.