The Answer to Cancer: An Electron Deficit Condition. Keith Foster, FLS

Mr. Foster sent me a copy of this book in hopes that my readers might be interested.

I thoroughly enjoyed this read.  He breaks down the complicated subject of CANCER into an easily understandable guide as to how to understand the root causes, his belief of an Electron Deficit Condition and how it can cause CANCER, as well as how you can help YOURSELF.

Gang, after reading this, I’m going to make some changes in our household.  Including but not limited to Vitamin C, use of an Ionizer and an increase of water.

This is a quick read….141 pages with tips, charts, recommended daily dosages, references and sources.

It was a nice change to be able to actually UNDERSTAND his logic.  I am constantly reading about Cancer and often find myself scratching my head.

I recommend this book.  You can pick this up on AMAZON: