THAT’S IT!!!!!!!

Today I went back to my regular cardiologist to have my BP checked. Still too high so he is upping the meds. It’s weird ’cause I get some lovely readings, like 120/78, but then still get some bad ones 140/100 or so. Guess what it was in the doc’s office? Drum roll please…..180/110. How do ya like them apples?!
Talk about your white coat syndrome. Wonder what it would be at the hot dentist’s office? ;o)  But, I digress. Anyway, the nurse took it when I first got in the room, and after the doc came in and spoke to me for a bit, he went to take it himself and I laughed at him. I said, “You can’t think this will be lower with you here.” He finished and said, “You’re right, it wasn’t.” I can’t quite figure this guy out. I know I like him better than some of the other docs in this practice but he has this way of “checking up” if the conversation gets even the least bit friendly or personal. It’s so rare to see even a hint of a smile on him. The man needs a little animation. The good news was that I came right out and asked him if this ablation procedure could cure all this irregular beat and rhythm stuff I’ve had with my heart forever, and stop the blackouts and fainting spells that ruined half of my life. He said that it definitely could. I was
really glad to hear that. What a blessing to not have to think or deal with all that anymore, if that is indeed the case. Well, I’ll know more on Tuesday, I suppose. Now, back to my blog title. Today on facebook, a woman from St. Louis posted a saying and it was a SUPER LIGHTBULB MOMENT for me. It said,  I DIDN’T LOSE MY MIND, IT GOT SCARED AND RAN AWAY. That’s it folks!!!Lorna, did you hear that? That is what happened. We haven’t lost our minds. They just got spooked when the sh** hit the fan and ran off on holiday for awhile. Phew!!! I feel so much better now.

And speaking about things that make your heart go pitter-pat, check out the dude my sis was standing in line with in Disney. She snapped off a few pics, solely by accident, of course! *wink*
And, the tat on his arm says USMC……YA THINK?!!!!
Disney is a magical place!  ;o)