Holes, dug by little moles. Angry jealous spies, got telephones for eyes. They come to you as friends. All those endless ends that can’t be tied. Oh they make me laugh, and always make me cry, until they drop like flies
Holes – Mercury Rev

Day 33 : A jolly good sleep

This blog is strictly about myeloma. Not my other hobbies or hangups. (Not that myeloma is much of a hobby, but you know what I mean.) So let me say just this. This morning I can thank Margaret Thatcher for a very pleasant lie in.

I once sat next to Lord St.John of Fawsley at dinner (a Cambridge thing) and he told me that he used the epithets “the blessed Margaret” and “the beloved Margaret” to signify Thatcher and the Queen’s sister, respectively. I kept my counsel, though I had other names in mind.

Today I wake up as usual, somewhere around 7. I switch on the radio. They are droning on again about The Blessed Margaret aka That Bloody Woman. I think
Not more, surely. I had more than my fill of this last night. I can’t cope with any more.
I switch off, and roll over. And sleep ’til well past 9. And when I wake, my legs hardly even ache.