That Happy Worn Out Look – January 17 2013

My worn out, anemic, steroid look with my wicky hair that won’t do anything but this. My hair is not falling out – it is just WILD. Despite “the look” I was able to get most of the house vacuumed today and run errands around town (in a N-95 mask). No nadir (nap) today either. My neighbor, Lew Pence, finished shoveling my driveway snow today – at last I think it was Lew or one of his brothers. They have been ice fishing EVERYDAY.

I also have a small lesion growing on the end of the forehead laceration I got last July 2012. It is firm and non-painful. I noticed it about 3 weeks ago.
You might remember the laceration I received when I fell walking on the Mine Hill 20 July 2012.

I had to wait around at home for the FedEx delivery of my next Revlimid Cycle 4 to begin 30 Jan 2013. The delivery finally came around 12:30 PM and then I was out and about on my errands.