That girl’s a runnin’ fool

This morning I ran my first 10k. It went very well, in that I still felt fairly OK at the end and didn’t feel like falling down and dying. “Not falling down and dying” was my main 10k goal. I didn’t even feel like throwing up. “Not throwing up” was my second goal. Although I didn’t have the fastest time in the world, I did not have to stop to walk, and I did not come in last. I swear there were still a few people behind me! Yes!
I think one of the best parts about running a race is the free t-shirt. It’s a nice, obnoxious-yet-subtle way to tell everyone, “Yes, I ran a race.” You get to wear it casually to the grocery store or wherever and hope you run into someone you know. “Oh, this old t-shirt? Yes, I ran a race.” I don’t understand the people who wear their free race t-shirt to the actual race. You’re here! We already know you’re running a race! You don’t need to impress us! You’re getting your obnoxious-yet-subtle piece of advertising all sweaty and gross! Because, really, the very best part of running a race is coming home, taking a shower, and then putting on your nice, clean, comfortable race t-shirt and wearing it for the rest of the day and feeling all cozy and satisfied that you ran the race. I’m wearing mine right now. Ahh. I think I need to go to the grocery store.