Thankful Thursday – 18 Months Post Transplant

On March 28th it was that time again…time to head out to the Duke ABMT Clinic for a visit with Dr. Gasparetto. Though deep down you are always a bit anxious, praying for continued complete response and no detectable M-spike, we also always look forward to seeing the same familiar faces we came to know and love during the whole transplant process. From the ladies in the lab, to the nurses at the desks, to the physicians assistants and coordinators, to the oncologists, we are grateful for their care and dedication to helping those who are battling blood cancers.
And…WE GOT GOOD NEWS once again. Thank you Lord! All lab work looked good, with the last bit of good news coming at the end of last week in an email from Kerry, Dr. Gasparetto’s Nurse Practitioner. Here is a snapshot of what she said:

Here are a few more readings for those in the MM world who can relate to the importance of these numbers:
Hemoglobin – 13.2Hematocrit – .39Red Blood Cell Count – 4.29White Blood Cell Count – 4.7