Thank you to Prof Kevin Morgan and the BBC

My usual routine in the morning is to get up go the toilet and then either myself or Charito make me a drink and then I go on the computer for a number hours while Charito goes back to bed! Why? because my normal wake up time has been about 4am in the morning and once I wake up I can’t get back to sleep. Sometimes it’s worse. I try staying up till 1am and then I’m awake at 3am. I’ve tried just lying there and going back to sleep but I can’t.

Yesterday however I saw a News Items by Tim Muffett from the BBC regarding insomnia and although I wouldn’t consider that I have insomnia per se I have been finding it difficult. Tim interviewed an expert Prof Kevin Morgan Director of the Sleep Research Centre at Loughborough University

The Article:

Is enough being done to help people with insomnia?

One of Prof Kevin Morgan’s suggestions was to repeat the word ‘THE’ over and over again at irregular intervals – “the mind space required to do this blocks out almost everything else” . I used this each time I woke up. Yes I still woke up at silly times, but I lay back down again and used this method to try and get back to sleep. It worked like a dream (pun intended). I can only remember thinking about it for a few minutes. I was really surprised when I woke up on the last occasion at 6:30am.

Thank you Prof Morgan and the Tim Muffett for reporting on this issue.

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