Thank you TMobileUK particularly Sorcha

Thanks to my many friends and family I am now back online. After a few messages via twitter Sorcha at TMobileUK has increased my usage policy. Hopefully it will be enough for my stay here in the hospital, but if it isn’t she said to contact her again (I think Sorcha is female … an Irish name I think).

Thanks to everyone who helped get me back online. It is really important to me. As well as keeping my family and friends informed, it is really useful to keep my mind occupied during the transplant.

As some of you know I live virtually on the net at the moment and to be without it is like losing an arm. I don’t know what I would have have without all your support and help and love. Many thanks.

If Sorcha wishes to leave a comment or email me at please do so. I hope she received my thanks on twitter. If not and you are reading this, a big thank you from my friends and family and of course me. You will have to accept a virtual hug from me as well (((HUG))) <3

My Life with Myeloma Sean Tiernan