Thank You Medical Science, and Brilliant Researchers! You’re Saving My Life!

Hello to Hope and Successful Treatments!

If you’ve checked in here, between my “On the 7’s Posts”, you’re up to date with all my good, and crazy news. I don’t have any new dramatic news since my April 1st, “NO APRIL FOOLS JOKE” post of amazing treatment success and crazy side effects. Truly, I am still in shock how fast Darzalex with Pomalyst and Dex steroids have brought my IgA and M Protein down. I am so very grateful to all the brilliant medical scientists and researchers working on medications to treat myeloma and I am so indebted to all these brilliant minds that work so diligently to keep us myeloma patients alive!
I do however, temper my excitement with myeloma’s reality, that this treatment will not last “forever”, but I am thrilled my body and this “monoclonal antibody” is able to outsmart myeloma, at least for now.

Here’s my incredible results again:

 Yes, your eyes do not deceive you!

Of course, my levels are still “Abnormal”, as my test result sheets scream at me all the time. But seriously, from “death’s doorstep” Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb… this is incredible beyond words. My Doctors do remind me of my “high risk” status, as I tend to respond well initially, then boom, myeloma quickly outsmarts, mutates and wins again. But, today, this week, this month, I am beyond grateful for my status.

I won’t “complain” about all my crazy side effects either, as I have fully blabbed about those in my previous posts. Nothing has changed with that, and I “cowgirl up” and suffer through my pain. Darza infusion #6 was Tuesday, so I felt ok Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursdays I wake up dizzy, ditzy, groggy, mentally fuzzy, puffy, swollen and achy. And that continues and worsens throughout the day, night. Fridays (today), I wake up even more dizzy, ditzy, blurry, groggy, fuzzy and the nasty fever-like nerve pain begins. But I keep reminding myself of how well I am doing on a molecular, cellular level and I push through. I am very grateful to be here to tell you my story.

Lost another dear friend and colleague~
Here we are late last year, 
battling together at the Chemo Lab. 
Armida lost her battle this past week, 
and I am so sad for her and her family. 
Stupid, worthless cancer… 
But life moves forward, and I take one day at a time, doing what I can on the few “good days” I have. I’ve needed to take one of our kitties to the Vet, but just haven’t had the helium to do so, but her URI became concerning, so I was able to get an appointment on Wednesday, knowing my “crash clock” was ticking. Look what someone had brought into the Vet’s office. A box of little baby opossums, who’s momma was hit by a car. Thankfully, still many loving and compassionate people in the world. The babies are being taken care by a wildlife rescue. 
 Awww baby opossum
I know, you’re worried about me handling wild animals and getting cooties, germs and diseases. Well by now, you know I worry much more about human contaminates, not animals, as they are so clean! Humans… not so much lol. Yes, I scrubbed up, and washed well after handling the little cuties! 

And yes, I still “drag” myself out to the arena, every day I can, for just a bit of exercise, picking up “horse apples”. It’s really the only exercise I get, except for walking to and from my car, to my medical appointments, and on good days, I even take the stairs! I try to move around each day, no matter how awful I feel. I am “tormented” by the Spring beauty around me, wishing I could run through the fields of Poppies in bloom, or hike the horse trails behind me, or just take a walk down the road like I used to… but I accept my reality, and accept that “Less is More”, and do what I can, when I can.

I laugh at the ironies of my life. I look to the heavens, and quietly yell at the “universe” for my predicament. I marvel at what I have been through since December 30, 2009, and take deep breaths of appreciation for the life I do have. I am here, I will fight to stay alive, and I bear with that which is tossed my way.
I am not afraid of dying… I am afraid of not living…

Mr Boots says
Thank you for reading and caring :))
Live happy,
live well, and make a difference somewhere, somehow, with someone or something
as often as you can