Thank you, Hazel!

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how great it would be to have a sunbonnet to wear while running. It would keep the sun off of me and the strap would keep it from blowing away. The only issue was finding a sunbonnet made from moisture-wicking material that wouldn’t get sweaty.
Imagine my surprise when I opened my mailbox yesterday and found a package from Hazel, a very sweet blog reader from Colorado. I have never met Hazel, but she actually sewed me a sunbonnet made from moisture-wicking material and sent it to me in the mail.

Seriously, how awesome is this?
Laura Ingalls Wilder would have been unstoppable with moisture-wicking fabric!

I decided to get into full running gear and don the bonnet to see how it would look. I’m thinking it looks pretty great.

It’s too bad Mary went blind and can’t see my fabulous bonnet!

The bonnet is hugely practical. It offers tons of sun protection that you just can’t get from a regular hat, and it won’t blow away. Still, I’m working up the courage to wear it out running in public. Not because it’s not a well-made, attractive bonnet, but because you just don’t see other runners wearing bonnets these days. Jay said if I’m not going to wear it running, he’s going to wear it to mow the lawn.*

Anyway, receiving the bonnet made my day. Maybe I’m not a world-famous writer, but I doubt that, say, Stephen King ever had anyone send him a custom-made, moisture-wicking sunbonnet. Take that, Stephen King!

*Yes, I will get a photo of that, should that occur.