Thank You Dex Steroids for my weekly Fake Normalcy

Quick Update

It’s a Dex Steroid life! But thank goodness for the fake weekly “pick me up”!

Thursday I began to feel better. Whew! Slight fever almost gone, all other symptoms not as intense, “headcold” symptoms subsiding, figured most everything was Velcade, Pomalyst, Dexamethsone related. By Friday, chemo appointment day, feeling almost ok! And of course, felt soooo much better after taking my 20mg Dex prior to my Velcade infusion.

Yes, it’s been a month now of Velcade, Pom and Dex.
1st SubQ bruised at injection site, 2nd just a red rash, 3rd, slight red rash, and 4th, red larger rash. So far, me and SubQ get along. Not “enjoyable”, but ok. Maybe this means Velcade doesn’t have any impact on me :((

Full labs tomorrow, Dr consult appointment on Thurs Feb 16. Will find out if Pom, Velcade, Dex even made a dent this cycle. Hoping for better results than last cycle (see previous post for my numbers). Can’t believe this Bi Polar life I lead now… lovely crash on it’s way tomorrow and the next day and next day and for Valentine’s Day lol!

Friday Feb 10 :))

Live happy,
live well, and make a difference somewhere, somehow, with someone or something
as often as you can!