Thank you!

I just want to say a big thank you to all the people who read my blog and an even bigger thank you to those who comment and ‘Like’.

I can’t quite work out how to see who has ‘Liked’. I think a Gravatar icon is supposed to appear for each ‘Like’, so you can click on them and find out more about the person or their blogs, but that isn’t happening. If anyone has an answer, please let me know. I think the ‘Likes’ are from other WordPress bloggers, so it’d be good to see who you are as I might want to follow your blogs too.

While writing is an enjoyable activity and a useful tool for me to sort out my feelings about all of this living with myeloma malarky, as well as sharing the medical/treatment aspects and updates, it can also be quite a lonely activity.

It is so heartening to see that people do actually read my musings and when you comment, it encourages me, both in my writing and in my sense of adventure on this mad journey of myeloma. I shan’t use the word ‘healing’, as this has not always been and may not always be the case. It’s more of a roller-coaster ride, a bumpy journey (and I know about those, having travelled by bus through Indonesia), or as one blogging buddy calls it, a long and winding road. But whatever the future holds, writing about it feels important; it stabilises and nurtures me. Knowing that others enjoy reading it, are supporting and encouraging me, and can relate it to their own experiences really means a lot, so please continue.

This is one of my favourite songs… It might just have to be on the list for my burial party.

It feels good to be acknowledged when I post comments on other blogs, even if it’s just a thank you. Sometimes it becomes more of a dialogue and then I start to feel like I’ve made a new friend. So, with that in mind, I have decided to respond to comments from now on. That’s not to say that a dialogue has to ensue, or that I will have much to say other than “Thanks!” But I hope that those who comment will appreciate that feeling of being acknowledged.

And to make up for not responding in the past, I would like to acknowledge all those who have read and commented up till now, amongst whom are old friends and new, family and strangers, people living with myeloma, leukaemia, lymphoma or another cancer (three of whom have since died), carers of partners with cancer, those who are just thoughtful about life and living and some I know nothing about…

I appreciate you all: Adam Black, Alona Ashkenazy, Amiee Ross/Beardo, Amy Soprano, Astrid Faber, Barbara Coulson & Chris Baxter, Carole Leigh Ingram, Cathy Naumann, Catriona Yule, Claire Nance, Colin & Barbara Michaels, Deb Gascoyne, Debbie Helme, Delia Grodner, Denise, Eden Morris, Elizabeth Ellen, Enrico Crocetti, Erica Böhr, Evelyn Silver, Ginnie Godoy, Helen Gifford, Isabelle Ben Shlush, Jane, Jeff Kerkhof, John Snippe, Joy Parsons, Julie Zimmer, Justina Nurse, Karen Sutherland, Kev & Mel, Kevin Kirk, Kim Fox, Kim Pember-Thomas, Kris, Lesley Towl, Lieve de Boeck, Lilian Black, Lorna Austins & Mike Gormley, Lorraine, Lynn Barlow, Mal Dexter, Marie-Chantal Marchand, Marisa Miller Wolfson, Marni Rubin, Mary Ann Weyer, Mary Pat Druschel, Matthew Middleton, Maureen Mooney, Mavis Nevill, Megan Williams, Mel Wraight & Kate Shaw, Morag Christie, Nancy Lange, Natasha Feldmann, Natasha Golding, Omar Toselli, Pam Smith, Paul Creek, Paula, Pauline Selston, Rachel Auckland, Rachel Feminista, Rachel Phillips, Ramona Ionas, Rhiannon Flood, Sandra Abraham, Sandy Banks/Annie Sargent, Sarah/Strange New Courage, Scott Canfield, Sean Tiernan, שי/Shay from Israel, Shelley B, Simon Hancox, Sophie Meert, Suzanne Kelley/Kelley Campbell, Tânia de Carvalho, Terry from New Jersey, Tom Lappin, Val Robus, Wendy Duffield.

I just counted and there are 86 of you! I’m touched. Thank you! x