Thank god for friends and family!

So I had my 4 week appointment on Tuesday at the Fracture clinic. I had been hoping that as my foot felt a little better, that he’d tell me it was healing well and a couple more weeks and I’d be out and about.

Sadly that wasn’t to be and he has told me that I need to keep my boot on for another 6 weeks! Absolutely galling and very frustrating given it is my right foot and I can’t drive at the moment. That said, he did also say that I could drive as soon as I felt safe so I think I’ll go out at the weekend and try it with Nick….even if I only do the school run each day, and don’t drive other than that, at least then I’m not constantly asking for favours!

I think what was more frustrating was the information that it was a borderline Jones fracture. Apparently, according to a friend of mine, if you have a Jones fracture, it doesn’t heal properly without surgery. Now, the consultant said that he wants to see if my foot will heal without the surgery first, but I have to say that I’ll  be more than frustrated if, after 10 weeks of not driving/ being in a boot, I then have to have surgery that puts me out of action for another 3 months! Especially since we will be moving house around this time! That said, I suppose if it heals in the next few weeks and I avoid surgery altogether that will be well worth having to learn the skill of patience!

I just want to take this opportunity to say how lucky I am to have Nick though…he has been so good about it all when I think if the boot was on the other foot (hmmm, there is some awful pun there!), that I would struggle to be as patient and kind. He’s had to drive everywhere, take the kids to things that I would normally do, and generally be a bit of a star! As always, it reminds me of how lucky I am to have found, loved and married him! I also owe a big thank you to my new friends, and my family up in the Midlands. They have been amazing at helping, taking me out for coffee’s and making me feel better about the frustrations that are playing out. And more than that, they have done all the school runs for the kids which has saved us an absolute fortune on taxi costs! Their offers of help have meant the kids have been able to keep doing some of their clubs etc….I can promise you, my foot affects them almost as much as me.

Anyway, off to the hospital for my monthly myeloma check up….crossed fingers it will be better news than on Tuesday!