TGIF!! Last day of treatment. The nurse is getting ready to hang the last bag of chemo that will run for 24 hours, ending Saturday afternoon, then I am out of here for the time being! Of course the Comfort Inn is not a 4 star motel but it is clean. I hoping they will let me go home after a week. I can always be monitored at Gibson Cancer Center until I get stronger.
Well I fell asleep before I finished this. The fatigue is slowly sinking in but that is expected. I didn’t get to do my exercise today so that explains some of the fatigue. I most keep moving! It is one day at time now. We wait to see if this treatment was a success or back to the drawing board! God is on my side and I most trust and be patient. I will write more later. I am going back to sleep and have pleasant dreams. God be the Glory. It is only His grace that I am sustained and blessed! Pray for those that don’t know this because they need to know what He is capable of just because He loves us! We never know what He has planned for our lives but I would rather go with His plan than man’s plan! Good night until next time! XXXOO