Testing September 18th

Well, the testing went quickly on Friday.   I was in and out and now the eternal waiting starts.
I am keeping busy, fixing deck railings, mowing grass, replacing a rusty mailbox.  All house chores
just to keep my mind occupied.   The weather here is kinda hot right now so when my daughter comes over I will probably go for a walk, however reluctantly.

Watched a sad movie,  “Still Alice” with Julianne Moore, the character, not Ms. Moore,  has early onset alzheimers which is caused by Amyloid deposits in the brain.   Did some research it appears Amyloid deposits, which are proteins in the blood collect in many organs.  In Myeloma patients it collects in the kidneys, oh joy causing kidney problems and technically Amylodosis.   I guess that is one way to look at Myeloma, at least with cancer, one only has to worry about dying from something eating you alive,
at least that is better than Alzheimers where you forget everyone you know and everything around you and than you die.

On a cherrier subject been unusually up beat lately, a person I had not talked to or seen in a long time has been chatting with me, almost on a daily basis.  It is great to have someone I can relate to who genuinely is concerned and cares about me.  I look forward to our conversations and miss dearly talking
on the weekends.   I drive a lot for work and this time gives us time to become reaquainted after all these years.

Work has been particularly stressful, lawyers quitting right and left and my caseload ever expanding.
My boss has hinted that since I took off  a week in July and have a scheduled week off in November for the
UAMS testing that my October leave might be  something I could do without.   She said this in a nice way, but we all know how bosses are, they can be made happy by placating them or I could piss off the new boss and get dumped on later, by getting pissy assignments and more cases!!!  I really am getting burnt out in my job….

I found out just last week I can retire on my 55th birthday, with reduced pension, but none the less leave my job and do something else!   I am seriously considering doing this……February 4th 2017
would be the day I could retire!   I am considering doing a lot of radical changes along with retiring.
Change is a good thing and being happy with life is more important than staying in a rut until I develop full blown Myeloma than regretting the things I could have done to make myself happy.

Very philosophical post today.   Lots to think about and lots to do.   Oh good my daughter is here.

off for now.