Test Results UAMS and Sarah Buchanan Cancer Center

My test results are stabile.   My K/L-flc ratio is high at 2.02 mg/dl inverse ratio is low at 0.49 and my quantitative Kappa free light chain is high at 2.49 mg/dl.  The doctors tell me these are good results.  I would like for the scores to be failing back into the normal range.  My m-protein is 1.1 g/dl which is same as the October 2012 test result, however higher than 1 year ago and 3 yrs ago and remains at an all time high. The September  UAMS bone marrow biopsy showed a few atypical cells, no focal lesions.

So, I guess I should agree with the experts and be happy but I am still so very weak and tired with no energy no get up and go!    I take all kinds of vitamins, supplements and eat like a race horse to no avail!