Test results from Dec 1st

My latest Tenn. onc. tests reflect numbers similar to the last from UAMS.   My total Kappa is elevated along with my Kappa/Lambda ratios are above the top limits.   My Gamma Globulin and my Globulin are high and my m-spike…..the all important M-spike remains stable.

This disease is very odd, some who have  an elevated m-spike are very very sick, taking all kinds of chemo.   My m-spike of 1.1 to  1.2 demonstrates a slow evolving myeloma with many clones battling it out for supremacy.  When that one clone takes over than apparently the latest research says that will be when I start having anemia,  renal problems along with more severe bone issues besides the osteopenia which I have now.

My latest tests included a bone density, which they did not mail to me or put on the onc. website.

so tomorrow on top of everything else in the world I have to do I will call them to see about those results.

for reading.