Ten Days Off

Thursday, February 18, 2016:

I had a nice 8-mile walk/run on Monday, February 8.  Then Tuesday night I had back pain that kept me from sleeping well.  Wednesday I visited Mayo Clinic (until recently a weekly event) and it was worse.  We don’t know if the pain is from the myeloma or from inflammation (“flare”) caused by the immune therapy.  I posted about this here .  We sure hope that it’s the therapy talking.

I tried to walk a little in a mall last Friday, but that didn’t feel right either, so we went home.  I haven’t run or walked much since, until today.  Last night there was no pain, and today the pain is minimal – maybe 1 or 2 of 10.  So this afternoon I walked (no running) at a pace of 14.5 to 15 minutes/mile.  I felt a little pain before the start, but none during the walk, and afterward no more than before the walk.  No whining!

Tomorrow may be a lovely, warm day, almost 50 out, and if I feel good I may go for a longer walk, also at a pace that would finish a marathon in less than 7 hours.  We’ll see.

Mile splits: 14:25, 14:31, 14:29, 14:30, total 57:54, average pace 14:28.  If indeed the miles are a little short on this track at 13 laps/mile, then this pace might actually be closer to 15 minutes/mile.  Good enough.

Monday, Feb 8:

The long run for our upcoming marathon was our last marathon, so we are tapering and I should probably have done a half marathon distance or so.  I felt some back pain, though, and didn’t feel like going past eight miles today.

Mile splits: 12:44, 12:36, 12:37, 12:39, 12:50, 12:59, 13:01, 13:07, total 1:42:32, average pace 12:49.

Saturday, Feb 6:

I intended to go four miles today, but my back hurt so I cut it to three, almost entirely walking.  Mile splits: 13:39, 13:44, 13:36, total 40:58, average pace 13:39

Thursday, Feb 4:

Short Recovery Run   Usually I do a recovery run three days after a marathon, and this is four, but yesterday I was at Mayo Clinic.  Mile splits: 12:32, 12:32, 12:35, total 37:39, average pace 12:33.