Ten Days of Knitting

No sewing this weekend:  I have raging toothache and can hardly bear to move from the sofa.  This is good for my knitting though!
I have two single socks to show you.

First up:  Arnulf by Rachel Coopey.  Once I hit the stripes there was no stopping me!

I need to get myself to that point with sock 2 this week and then it will be all systems go.

And this is another Rachel Coopey design:  Solar Flair.

Although it is easily memorised, this stitch pattern aggravates my RSI, so progress is slower than expected.  I might take a break before I start sock 2.

I have reached a happy place with my Monte Rosa cardigan:  I can see what I am doing now and am less reliant on the charts. These pictures show what it looks like at the end of page 5.

I love the way the shoulders turned out!

I came close to casting on a new shawl  / scarf the other day:  Vintage Fremont.

Photo taken from the designer’s page on Ravelry

It reminds me a bit of the Hitchhiker Shawl but is a bit more delicate with those lacey sections.

I even wound a skein of sock yarn into a ball before I realised it was a bit too crisp and borderline scratchy – that’s no use for a scarf!  So I am just considering my options:  I have no shortage of soft and luxurious goodies in the stash, I just need to make a decision.  Perhaps I need to start by deciding who I am knitting it for – the plan of a genius!