Tea by the Sea


Fruit Slice and a pot of tea = £3.50  Bargain!

Yesterday, the cafe overlooking the shore opened for The Season.  Reminiscent of the First Night of a long-awaited Broadway revival, the owner’s exuberant excitement was almost too much for me after several days of peaceful retreat from the world.
But there was cake.
Cake of a quality which will require me to gather my strength for a repeat performance before we go home.
The owner makes fabulous art-teachery jewellery too.  Definitely a destination for the stereotypical English Visitor of a certain age.  (And me.)

Lisette Portfolio dress comes out to play – yay!

Back at the holiday house, I have made  a toile bodice for my Mortmain dress.  As far as I can tell, it is going to fit.  But a tailor’s dummy would have been helpful.  How else to check the fit without a spare zip or yogic pinning skills?

Toile-ing away:  say cheese and bend your knees

Today I cut out my “real” fabric.

A game of match-the-cat

And knitted a bit of Christine’s hat.

Second repeat of Chart C underway

And I turned my back on the dog long enough for him to find and devour a deer bone in the forest… and wash it down with some fresh highland spring water.  It’s worse than having a toddler.
FL is having a sleepy day today.