Tawkin’ With Sarah Palin Fans

As a Canadian, I was relieved when Obama became President of the USA. It was a relief to have intelligence and awareness back in the White House, after too many years of Bush. But wait, as a Canadian, is this any of my business? You’re darn tootin’ it is. The USA has massive influence on the world stage, is our neighbour and trading partner, and major gaffes aside, it is a force for good in this world, all things considered (not including Iraq and Afghanistan). When McCain ran with Palin, I couldn’t help but think, “oh no, here we go again”, but voters spoke. Loudly. Whew.

Uh oh… look over yonder. Here comes Sarah Palin. Again. This lady is a somewhat more refined version of Bush, at least where ideologies are concerned. Yet they have so much in common – a disturbing lack of awareness or foreign policy, of management and did I mention awareness? There is a slim chance she may become the next President. She has supporters, who don’t seem to know (or care) that she is an intellectual lightweight, covering her ignorance with America this and jobs that… which brings me to this video.

The people at New Left Media recently interviewed regular American folks at a Palin book signing. The interviewers asked open-ended questions to many people, and probe a bit to see if they have anything to back up their statements or beliefs. Like Palin during the Katie Couric interview and others, most of them don’t, apart from “I’m an Amercian” or some anti-socialism comment (when cornered, play the pride, freedom and paranoid card). Many believe that Palin has the qualities and spirit of a great leader, capable of offering so much to the people of the USA. She does, if that means comedy.

Now I love people. All kinds of people. But votes of ignorance can be dangerous when folks see something that just isn’t there. As for Palin, I’m sure she’s a great person, a loving mother and a good soul. As a leader, she has much to be proud of… however, in my book, a truly smart individual would recognize that she is simply not up to the challenges posed by the presidency, and not even consider the position, else this becomes an example of the Peter Principle.

Without further ado (and ranting), here’s the video.

And so ends my first armchair political blog post.