Taste buds and Tiredness.

It would appear that the destroying of taste buds is a common side effect of chemo and I am afraid to report, that my throat and mouth are starting to feel quite uncomfortable now and that even the taste of toothpaste is escaping me. The only foods that seem to be providing any sense of relief or possible enjoyment are those that are very cold. So I am craving ice lollies but I am not sure how nutritional they are? I also found a packet of popping candy in the cupboard (don’t ask what that was doing there) which was sort of fun. I must admit I am a little concerned that this is after only one round of the old beetle juice and I have another 4 or 5 to go.

The other side effect (and yes I am back off the steroids, roll on monday!) is exhaustion. I like to keep busy in mind if not in body, but yesterday I was completely floored. Still it gave me a chance to put our new Ikea bed settee to good use and I spent most of yesterday sleeping, very embarrassingly almost dropping off when an old school friend came to visit.

I was hoping that after, my record breaking 3 hour afternoon nap, I would have been able to stay awake long enough to see if the camera caught Kate and I on the Johnston Ross show but it wasn’t to be, never mind, I have that to look forward to today.

Sleep is boring, I have always considered it over rated, I have far too much I want to do, but it looks like I am just going to have to give in to it and allow the time to let my body heal and rest. Perhaps I shall have to take up a slower, quieter hobby like doing jigsaw puzzles (God forbid!) I do have a couple of book ideas inside my head so that may be worth pursuing.

Ooh yes if there are any newspapers or journalists out there I would so love to write a column in a magazine, now that would be fun.

You can’t keep me down for long!

Mental Health Score = 4
Physical health = 4
0 = good 10 = bad