Taking it in my Strides (still pausing)

Hello there,
Don’t get your hopes up.  I am not really back in the world of internet connectivity.
BT has “declared an MBOC” which means “Matters Beyond Our Control”  re my Broadband connection.
The nice young man from Delhi explained that yes, he can book me an engineer, but when an MBOC is in force, there is a 70% chance he will not turn up.  Which is what happened yesterday.
It could take weeks.
So that’s me cut off until I get back to work on the 27th.
I have composed a lovely long post about my new trousers, with lots of pictures and words.  But I can’t transfer those words and pictures from my laptop to the public library PC (where I am sitting to write this).
So these are the Instagram pics that I managed to release to the world when my mobile provider offered me free use of the web from my phone for 7 days… except of course I can only use it in town.  The farm is in a communications black hole.  Which has its uses, but right now is very frustrating.

I made the Strides trousers from the Merchant and Mills Workbook.
They are are very high waisted and low slung.  The hips are a good 8 inches wider than mine, in a size 10.  I will wear them, but if you could see my back view, you would understand they are not as perfect as they appear from the front.  In drapier fabric?  Yes they would indeed be gorgeous in a fine wool or linen.  I used cotton chino fabric.  I will tell you all about it one day.

For now, the essential information you need to know is that there is a mistake in the instructions.  The fly extension should be cut off from the left side not the right side.  If you cut it off from the left, the fly guard will be the wrong way out, ie lining side up.  And if your belt shifts around, it will show.  Sigh.

In other news, FL was back at the hospital on Tuesday.  His Myeloma is stable and the Consultant is puzzled by his obvious low ebb.  She has ordered scans of his heart and lungs, as he is very breathless.  I can’t get him to leave the house on foot, even as far as the garden, and he has given up driving.  So I am chief chauffeur this week and next, while I am on holiday.
My car failed its MoT test, so I am driving FL’s car until mine gets repaired next Monday.  This is a major life achievement as I am terrified of driving FL’s big car (just a Mondeo but it feels like a bus to me).
So:  no internet, no mobile coverage and no car.  Fabulous.
But look at this! Here I am, so it’s not as bad as it felt when it all came crashing down on top of me!
I am in the library for an hour and I can order a new cookbook (Modern Way to Cook by Anna Jones) and hopefully print my Coop Knits MKAL sock clue 2.  I hope so – I have still to ask the assistant if printing is allowed :)
And when I get back home I will be sewing and knitting and everything will be fine.
I have no choice but to take it in my stride(s)   :)